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Welcome! as-salāmu ʿalaikum - Peace be upon you!

We appreciate all visitors to the new website of the "House of Peace", located in Giessen-North, Germany

On our website you will find many information on events, as well as our prayer times

The 5 pillars of Islam

الشهادة Schahāda The confession of faith
ašhadu an lā ilāha illā 'llāh, wa-ašhadu anna muḥammadan rasūlu 'llāh
That means as much as
"I testify that there is no God but God, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God."

The confession should be recited with conviction in order to make clear the feeling of belonging to Islam. The public pronouncement of the formula is the first pillar and is also an integral part of any ritual prayer.
صلاة Salāt The prayer The ritual prayer is to be performed five times a day
  • Fajr Before the sunrise
  • Zuhr at lunchtime
  • Asr in the afternoon
  • Maghrib At sunset
  • Isha At nightfall
Before each of these prayers is an announcement by the prayer call and a ritual washing.
زكاة Zakāt The alms tax The alms tax is the compulsory, by any healthy, free, adult and financially capable Muslim to the financial aid of poor, debtors and travelers payable tax.

Depending on income and profession ~ 2 - 10%
صوم Ṣaum Religious fasting For all adult and healthy Muslims, fasting is compulsory throughout the Muslim month of Ramadan. Here, the fasting daily take no food or drinks between dawn and sunset.

The fast-breaking supper in the evening is called Ifṭār .
On the day of the sacrificial feast and until three days after the festival of the fast break must not be fasted.
حج Ḥaǧǧ The pilgrimage to Mecca The great pilgrimage to Mecca in the last Islamic month of Dhū l-Hijja is to be given to every Muslim, if possible, compete at least once in his life to intervene there, among other things, the Kaaba seven times.

The little pilgrimage called Umra can be done at any time.
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